Chemaine Hurtado

WSHE Presents Clinician Chemaine Hurtado

You may have seen her on the cover of the California Riding Magazine or at various shows in California… Chemaine Hurtado is a Dressage Trainer and owner of Symphony Dressage Stables in Southern California. Chemaine has her Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals from the United States Dressage Federation for excellence in all levels. As well, she holds all of the Musical Freestyle Bar Awards from the USDF. Not to mention her many Regional, State, and World Championships. Take a peek at www.symphonydressage.com and Symphony Dressage YouTube Channel!

Chemaine’s new “Green Horse to Dream Horse” Training System will be the highlight of her Demo’s at this coming Expo!

Chemaine has also developed a way to help riders practice riding without a horse, Yoga Ball Dressage! Yoga Ball Dressage classes has been a huge hit at the Western States Horse Expo in Pomona and Sacramento, in past years. Chemaine was also the Dressage Clinician at both of these Expos. Using a yoga ball, you can learn and practice the cues needed for any movement or just improve your balance and stamina for riding your REAL horse! Learn about the Rider’s Training Pyramid and how it will help you ride your horse even better!

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