Sabine Rijssenbeek

WSHE Presents Clinician Sabine Rijssenbeek

Sabine Rijssenbeek (SR Dressage) holds an International Trainer’s Passport (Level 3) from the Netherlands and has more than 30 years experience as a rider and trainer of sport horses. She trained with Piet Oothout (trainer of the Dutch National Team for the 1984 Olympics) and Henk van Bergen (trainer of the Silver Medal Dutch Team at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992). In 1980, Sabine was short-listed for the Moscow Olympics. Her Olympic dreams were dashed when prior to the games she lost her beloved horse to colic. She has trained several Olympic horses and a number of horses that have successfully competed in the highly competitive Dutch National Championships.

While Sabine has clients around the world and throughout the United States, her principal focus has been the western United States. She is currently head trainer at Flying Change Farms in Loomis, California. Her clients primarily compete in California and Arizona. This year, her clients competed successfully at the US championships in Lexington, Kentucky and are on track to qualify again next year.

What make Sabine so special is that she truly enjoys teaching and works with riders from training level through Grand Prix. Her emphasis is on classical dressage with her primary focus being on building a positive relationship between horse and rider. Sabine understands, and can translate for horse and rider, what is necessary to successfully compete at both the lower and FEI levels. Her kindness, love of horses and sense of humor make her a favorite clinician.


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