Dennis Reis

WSHE Presents Clinician Dennis Reis

Hi, I’m Dennis Reis. My life is devoted to the practice of horsemanship because the nature of the horse is what rings true to me, both inside and outside the arena. Over the years I have developed principles which are based on age-old horse handling methods. For over 40 years I have been teaching these methods and principles. The goal of my workshops is that you leave with a better understanding of how to communicate with your horse.

I have worked with and learned from some of the greatest horseman and women of our time. I have also had the opportunity to teach riders from all disciplines and worked with horses of all breeds. Over the years I have learned several truths about horses. One is that a horse never lies. The horse will be exactly as good as his human. When he has a choice, the horse will always make his own decision. And that decision will always be a reflection of you, the human. The nature of the horse is universal, no matter what discipline he is trained for or what breed he is.

My Universal Horsemanship workshops are taught in an environment where the horse is allowed to express himself. Students learn about the horse’s true nature through exercises that encourage the horse to make his own decisions without restraint or force. I also teach skills that enable students to act as herd leader to their horses. Because my students work with the horse’s nature instead of trying to control it, they have willing, happy, safe horses.

Universal Horsemanship

Dennis’s Presentations:

Friday: Bits & Bridles – You don’t need a bigger BIT – just a BIT of knowledge

Saturday:  Soft Feel through Biomechanics of Movement and Foot Fall

Sunday: Dressage in Cow Country – The how’s and why’s

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