Dr. Deb Bennett

WSHE Presents Speaker Dr. Deb Bennett

(1) Ph.D. in Vertebrate Paleontology 1984, University of Kansas Museum of Natural History. Over 40 years experience teaching horse evolution, anatomy, equestrian history, and biomechanics of horse and rider.

(2) Experienced horse trainer specializing in the classical High School and gaited horses; riding instructor specializing in adult instruction for people who feel that they have not accomplished all they would have liked with their horse.

(3) Conformation Analyst, Investigative Reporter and Feature Writer for EQUUS Magazine since 1986.

(4) You can also read articles by Dr. Deb on conformation, horse history, horse anatomy and training principles in The Eclectic Horseman and The American Farriers’ Journal.

 (5) Formerly a researcher with the Smithsonian Institution U.S. National Museum of Natural History, currently a Research Associate at the University of Kansas.

(6) U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team instructor through the George H. Morris Horsemanship development program.

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