Ride for Fun, Ride to Learn!


What makes ETS different? Choose your Challenge Level at each and every obstacle! Choose the level that fits you and your horse at that moment! Not so great at sidepassing? Choose a lower level that is better suited for you and your horse. Does your horse love water? Choose a higher level and show off his skills!

Trained Judges! ETS Judges are trained to score on a national standard so that scores are fair and consistent nationwide and allow ETS to have regional and national standings. You’ll find that when you compete, you’ll have a history of your scores and comments from the judges to help you become a better competitor.

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How to Pick Your Level

How to Determine Your Bracket in a Series

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Ride for Fun, Ride to Learn!

Western States Horse Expo National Virtual Competition

This Virtual Obstacle Series is replacing the Buckle Series events that were scheduled for the 2020 Western States Horse Expo. This series is open to everyone! There is no membership charge for this event, simply toggle the $0 daypass option when registering.

Points for this event count towards Lifetime Awards but not towards regional or national awards.

You will be using your own venue for this competition! You can use pasture or an arena, whatever you like to create your course! ETS’s Director of Standards, Miranda Holaday-Lyon will be judging the videos and providing feedback!

Here’s How it Works:

  • Register for the event.
  • The event registration will be closed on the posted close date Thursday, Sep 3, 7pm CST.
  • Obstacle Course Sheets and the Specifications will be available below once the event registration is closed.
  • Once you receive your course you can retrieve your rider number from the Roster posted on this page.
  • Any clear well lit video from any device is accepted.
  • Your video will be continuous from the first obstacle to the last and it cannot be edited or cut.
  • You’ll have until 11:59 pm Tuesday, Sep 8 to submit your video while wearing your rider number.
  • You will upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo.
  • You’ll submit an email detailing each level for each obstacle and your video link to [email protected]

Obstacle Course & Filming Structure

  • Link on How to Film Your Submission – coming soon 
  • Link for Obstacle Course Sheet – available once registration is closed
  • Link on How to set up your course – available once registration is closed

Materials you’ll need for this Course:

The final list will be updated soon, items you’ll need will sure to be simple such as cones, poles, barrels, rope, etc.

>Click here to watch a video on How to Pick Your Challenge Level.


Beautiful ribbons will be mailed to:
1st-6th place Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced
1st-3rd place Junior (age 13-17)
1st-3rd place Youngin’ (age 7-12)

Cash Award $300 added payout
1st-3rd place Novice
1st-3rd place Intermediate
1st-3rd place Advanced

Additional Opportunities

This is the 2nd event of 3 towards the buckle series! You can participate in one event or all 3! If you participate in all 3, you are automatically apart of the WSHE BUCKLE SERIES! A beautiful silver buckle will be awarded to the high point in Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels.

>Click here to watch a video on How to Determine your Bracket in a Tournament

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