Isidro Espinoza

Isidro grew up on a large ranch in the mountains of Durango, Mexico. He learned to ride before he could walk and his family mostly had mules and donkeys along with a few horses. Isidro learned how to train, respect and value their animals from his father. They needed these animals to survive and were grateful for their help so honored them accordingly.

As a young man Isidro received the opportunity to travel to the US and work at the second largest breeding farm in North America called Winbak Farm. The farm is located on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and is part of a group of large horse farms all on protected land that can never be built on. It’s breathtakingly beautiful there. Winbak breeds Standardbred racehorses. Isidro was able to come over as part of a guest worker program called the H2A program for seasonal workers. These jobs are always open to American workers but few apply and those that do come and work last maybe a week or two before they quit. So these large farms needed to seek qualified workers elsewhere and this program was created.

Isidro’s primary role at the farm was to work at the foaling barn delivering hundreds of foals a season. He quickly became known as the go to guy for the most difficult mares and for getting weak foals who didn’t want to nurse strong and nursing well. After foaling season Isidro would help bring the yearlings in to get halter broke and prepped for the fall sales. He was known to be an exceptional trainer who could get his assigned yearlings halter broke, ground tying and could be bathed, clipped and groomed within a week. He was regularly assigned the most difficult yearlings because the farm knew he would get them gentled and trained quickly and thoroughly. The farm was very sad to see him leave and there is an open invitation for him to return anytime.

Isidro then moved to Southern California where he worked at a Dairy Farm and started picking up farrier work. He wasn’t looking to train or do farrier work but friends kept referring horses to him that no other farrier would touch. He was also receiving requests to train and quickly grew too busy to continue his job at the Dairy so turned in his notice and started training and working on difficult horses full time. This is when he became a certified TIP trainer with the Mustang Heritage Foundation and started gentling wild mustangs and finding them homes. His wife was transferred with her job to Northern California so the family sold their little ranch in Southern California and moved north of Sacramento.

In Northern California, Isidro was training full-time, booked out for months, retraining problem horses, starting horses under saddle and he started competing in endurance rides. In 2016 his wife decided to compete in an Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, TX. Isidro went to the makeover to be supportive and discovered he wanted to try one himself. He has since competed in a total of 3 Extreme Mustang Makeovers and 2 Mustang Magic invitation only makeovers. He has won the Champion Rookie buckle and finished top ten multiple times. His next makeover will be the Player’s Choice Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, TX January 2020.

Isidro continues to compete regularly in AERC endurance rides with multiple top ten finishes and Best Conditioned awards. His current main endurance horse is his Mustang Magic 2018 makeover mustang named Despacito who he hopes to compete at Tevis 2020 100 mile race.

The horses Isidro trains are known to be happy and content. With his quiet way of training they trust him and gain confidence. They are the horse that greets you at the gate and enjoys their work. Priority is always placed on allowing the horses personality to come out and blossom with compassion. His goal is to create a mutually beneficial partnership where the horse’s needs are priority over the person’s wants. Isidro doesn’t follow any set plan or method but rather adapts the plan and methods to each individual horse’s needs and learning style. He also believes strongly in continuing to learn himself and seeks regular instructions from a variety of horsemen and women.

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