Matt Bischof

Mustang Matt

Matt Bischof has been a horseman since he was a child.  It all started with acting out backyard western scenes with his brothers and sister on horseback.  It then transferred into learning a more disciplined style of riding with Hunter Jumper, Western Pleasure, and Eventing in his teens.  Matt is a passionate outdoorsman who loves to hunt, pack and ride.  As an adult, he started training mules and horses for his pack string.  All of his stock were trained not only to pack, but to ride as well.  He believed it was important that they be versatile and ready for anything.

Matt became aware of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program and decided he was going to adopt some mustangs.  He liked their strong build, smart minds, and their challenging yet willing spirits.  He soon became a TIP trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation.  He developed a strong passion for working with these animals and decided to extend his work into starting colts and training other breeds of equines as well.

Matt currently runs a Storefront for the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program.  Last year, he aided in providing homes for 74 wild mustangs and burros.  He has also worked alongside the BLM in training other TIP trainers and adopters on the gentling and starting process of these wild mustangs and burros.

Matt is a clinician as well as a trainer.  His clinics involve teaching an equal balance of trust and respect and establishing a confident leadership role with your horse.  He has taught clinics both in his home state here in Montana and other states as well.  Matt has a true gift of reading horses.  He has a way of getting into their minds and understanding their body language that enables him to produce incredible progress in a very short time.  His work is driven not only by the challenge that each horse brings to him, but by others’ passions to learn from his techniques and training as well.

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