Wylene Davis “Extreme Wylene”

3x Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion

Wylene Davis “Extreme Wylene” grew up on her family’s farm in Mesa, Arizona. She started riding horses at a very young age, her Mother encouraged her interest and promoted her talent. Through the years of practice and participation, while instruction and coaching with her sisters and mother by her side. Her confidence bloomed as well as her experience and knowledge.

Her love of horses and extreme horsemanship riding has  paved the way for her success and career with horses.

In 2005-2008 her experience and knowledge helped her achieve many awards and championships through the Extreme Cowboy Races.

Following that she was introduced to the Extreme Mustang makeover, wild horse competition. She started In 2008. Which she has now currently trained 14 horses for.

For Wylene this was her specialty, she has always loved taking horses that were deemed untrainable and unrideable and turning them into something of value. She loves a challenge and she loves Colt starting!

She has grown a fast reputation in the equine world through her participation in the Extreme Mustang makeovers Events.

She is a 3 time extreme Mustang Makeover Champion. She was the first female to have won the competition. It was there where she was featured in the documentary Wild Horse Wild Ride. Which reached movie theaters and fans across the nation in 2012.  Numerous magazine articles and newspaper clips have been covered on Wylene’s riding style and extreme Horsemanship techniques.

She was also featured in a reality television series called Mustang millionaire which aired on Nat Geo wild in December 2013.

This spunky colorful individual is a joy to watch and a joy to learn from. Her confidence building clinics, colt starting and horsemanship classes have been a favorite to attend. They Are Motivational and fun techniques to gain confidence over your fears. And most of all they are educational. She gives credit to the numerous horses and individuals who have taught her so much about herself and her horsemanship.


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