2017 Art Show Prospectus

Press Release: Art of the Horse Presented at Western States Horse Expo


Your work hangs in our living-rooms and bedrooms and sits on our dressers and tables. The spirit of the horse seeps from your creations and fills the spaces where we go to be comforted, buoyed up, feel light hearted or just rest. The Equine Dream Art Show welcomes artists whose primary subjects are our four-legged, furry friends.

We know that artists often dedicate themselves to their talent long before their talent will financially sustain them. With that in mind and as a way of showing our appreciation to the various artists who submit their works for judging at the WSHE Equine Dream Art Show, a limited number of low priced, reduced space (10′ X 5′) booths in the immediate area of the art show are available to artists who submit work to the Equine Dream Show. 

To qualify for one of these limited  spaces, at least one piece of your work must be submitted and accepted to the Art Show, so start planning your project now and get it in early because the spaces are already in demand. Looking forward to seeing what surprises and new talent out next show will unveil.

Art Show Winners 2016

Best of Show: "An Honest Days Wage" Colored Pencil - Megan Elaine Luis

Best of Show: “An Honest Days Wage”
Colored Pencil – Megan Elaine Luis


Best of Show:
“An Honest Days Wage”
Colored Pencil – Megan Elaine Luis

People’s Choice:
Sculpture – Ingrid Smith




1st – “Looking Back” – Lynette Fransen
2nd – “Gericault” – Tricia Scheele
3rd – “Winters Boy” – Cheryl Caldwell

Acrylic – Junior :
1st – “Going Nowhere Fast” – Gabrielle Hubbell

Colored Pencil:
1st – “An Honest Days Wage” – Megan Elaine Luis
2nd – “Hay Is For Horses” – Robin Kaminski
3rd – “In The Shade” – Emily Conner

Mixed Media:
1st – “Right Shoes” – Thais Helena Ouzounian
2nd – “Never Give Up” – Thais Helena Ouzounian
3rd – “Why We Ride” – Thais Helena Ouzounian

1st – “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” – Yvonne Bonacci
2nd – “Rose & Red Peta” – Anne Tenney
3rd – “Gate To Glory” – Doreen Irwin

1st – “Through The Barn Window” – Karalee Norris

1st – “Bison On The Prairie” – Kristin Revolinsky

Pen & Ink:
1st – “Hunter/Jumper”  – Cheryl Perry
2nd – “Don’t Look, The Judge is Watching” – Cheryl Perry

1st – “Fall Bawlin’ Mamas” – Sharlene Rayl
2nd – “Barbie” – Sharlene Rayl
3rd – “Come On Dog” – Jim Halsey

Photography – Color:
1st – “Eye” – Michele McCormick
2nd – “Masked Horse” – Michele McCormick
3rd – “Nope, Go This Way” – Courtney Perry

Photography – Digitally Enhanced:
1st – “Laundry Day” – Barbra Clampitt
2nd – “End Of Trail” – Barbra Clampitt

1st – “Maelstrom” – Ingrid Smith
2nd – “Boundless” – Ingrid Smith

1st – “Ready To Work” – Chris Anderson
2nd – “Pollyanna Sunset” – Emily Conner
3rd – “All Dressed Up” – Chris Anderson

Wearable Art:
1st – “Turquoise Treasure” – Marjie Erkkila