2018 Art Show Prospectus

Press Release: Art of the Horse Presented at Western States Horse Expo

ENTRIES DUE: May 10, 2018

The Western States Horse Expo celebrates the Horse and the Rural Lifestyle in all of its many iterations. Art that celebrates the Horse and Rural lifestyle fills our homes and our hearts. The ART of the HORSE Exhibition and Sale will be part of the 20th Anniversary celebration and we invite you, the Artist who focuses their study on the horse and rural lifestyle in its varied mediums, to be a part of the experience.

The Western States Horse Expo is offering up a $1000.00 prize for the Best In Show winner and $250.00 prizes for First Place in each division. To qualify for one of these limited  spaces, at least one piece of your work must be submitted and accepted to the ART of the HORSE Exhibition and Sale applications will need to be submitted by May 10, 2018.

We look forward to seeing your work being displayed in the ART of the HORSE Exhibition at the 20th Anniversary celebration at the Western States Horse Expo.

(Artists can also rent a 10 x 10 booth space in the Mane Market Mall for just $500.00)

Art Show Winners 2018

First NameArtists Last NameTitleDivisionPlacings       
DoreenIrwin"Beach Bums"Acrylic1st
IwonaJankowski"Sunset Breeze- Mottled Horses"Acrylic2nd
AlbertJoransen"Stagecoach- Making Up Time"Acrylic3rd
Megan ElaineLuis"Silver Bullet"Colored Pencil1st
RobinKaminski"What's the Plan, Stan?"Colored Pencil2nd
VikkiTuma"The Gaze"Colored Pencil3rd
JillWagner"Evening Water Run"Mixed Media1st
TraceySirbello"Windows to the Soul"Mixed Media2nd
MelaniGrube"Wild Horses"Mixed Media3rd
YvonneBonacci"I Wear Big Shoes"Oil1st - BEST OF SHOW
PatStoddard Aragon"Cowboy on the Grey"Oil3rd
BobBrooks"Santa Barbara Spade Bit"Other1st
TraceySirbello"Paco Napping"Other2nd
MarianneHarris"Wanna Snuggle?"Pastel2nd
SandyLindblad"Enroute, Crossing the Divide"Pastel3rd
EmilyConner"In My Eyes"Pen & Ink1st
EmilyConner"Pony"Pen & Ink2nd
DoreenIrwin"Keldon & Friends"Pencil/Charcoal2nd
SharleneRayl"Grey Otta Petrolia"Pencil/Charcoal3rd
MarybethBrown"Peeking Tom"Photography2nd
ClairePorter"Cowgirl Poncho"Photography3rd
LisaBone"Seahorse Vessel"Pottery1st
DitaLewis-Panter"In the Pink"Pottery2nd
AbyHenry"Horse Hair Raku"Pottery3rd
LisaBone"Stopping to Smell the Roses"Sculpture1st
VictoriaVaz"Black Boots"Sculpture2nd
JessicaKong"The Pickup Men"Watercolor1st- PEOPLES CHOICE
JessicaKong"California Cowpony"Watercolor2nd
Pat KangasMitchell"Horse Play"Watercolor3rd