Eitan and his Cowboy Dressage have had the privilege of presenting at many of the Western States Horse Expos in the past.

Cowboy Dressage “The Competition” will be featured at this year’s expo.

Along with daily Cowboy Dressage Clinics there will be a competition on Friday and Saturday evenings. Ten riders will ride the Cowboy Dressage test each evening. On Friday night, they will ride Cowboy Dressage test, Walk, Jog, Lope #3. On Saturday night, the same ten riders will ride Cowboy Dressage test, Walk, Jog, Lope Challenge # 1.

Daily and over all awards to be presented on Sunday at the Cowboy Dressage World Booth.

We welcome all to come support these riders as they compete for top honors in a highly competitive field.

There is a reason Cowboy Dressage as become one of the fastest growing western disciplines worldwide. Come watch and you will find our why!

Our Competition Riders

  • Jenni Purcell
  • Jo Ann Gillespie
  • Erin Adderley
  • Lesla Bong
  • Jessica Mosbaugh
  • Bryanna Valett
  • Justin Kibbe
  • Cassidy Mueller
  • Kelley Rankin
  • Megan Galagher
  • Krista Koenig

Judge: The Honorable, Lyn Ringrose Moe