Due to a lack of riding participants, for the three days, and our lack of time to get the word out properly, we are going to postpone this event.   A very popular idea whose time shall be in 2018!  Thank you to all who were interested in this great opportunity.

Our first annual Eight and Three Clinic is with CHARLES deKUNFFY.

The Eight and Three Clinic presentations by Western States Horse Expo, are an opportunity for select riders to school with the chosen Clinician for Three days and Eight hours per day. With carefully selected break times, lunch times and open evening times to further enjoy the surrounding of the actual Horse Expo event going on around you. There are also auditor positions for those who want to spend the entire eight in the bleachers…a common format for a three-day clinic.

The Western States Horse Expo is proud to have offered some of the finest educational moments in the last 19 years to the equine community. The learning opportunities are usually one hour at a time and one clinician at a time, a great way to learn of new talent and educational availability. Starting in 2017 Western States Horse Expo will host, annually, one clinician for three days, for those looking for a unique and intense way to focus on what they seek and still be able to enjoy some of what the exposition has to offer. Obviously, if Dressage or the very foundation it can provide is what you wish for, this is a great year to ride with one of the best.

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