Think, for just a second, about all the crafts and skills that goes into the equine lifestyle. Braiding leather works, the traditional mohair cinch, and even the crafting of reins and headstalls that are used so often along with items that can be used in the barn or to decorate your home. All of these cherished items have to be crafted, often by hand. Now think about how awesome it would be to learn to do some of these arts and embellish your equipment with your own handiwork. The Western States Horse Expo is, once again, hosting Horseinterest, which is a series of hands-on workshops taught by master craftsmen and craftswomen who will lead and instruct registered Participants in their unique craft. To take advantage of this unique learning opportunity just click on the workshop registration link below and select the craft you wish to experience.

Pop Wagner

Learn to make mohair cinches with Pop Wagner at the Western States Horse Expo! Cost is $150 for one day, $275 for two days and $350 for three days. Cost includes material for one basic 17 strand tied cinch per day (material for other types of cinches may cost a little more). NOTE: This is a LIMITED opportunity for only three people per day. Advanced registration is highly recommended!


To register email Pop at
or call 612-817-5898

Building D, right next to Buckaroo Leather

Gail Hought

Learn all about leather braiding from Gail Hought of Hought Fine Art & Leather. There will be two 3-hour classes each day: morning sessions are from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM and afternoon sessions are from 2 PM-5 PM. Each session is limited to 3 students and advanced registration is recommended. Materials supplied include pre-cut fully prepared strings and a mandrel which you will take home. Bring your braiding questions as well as a notebook!

Buttons and Knots Instructed:

  • 2 & 3 pass Spanish Ring Knot
  • 6 bight Turk’s head with herringbone interweave
  • 6 bight Turk’s head with gaucho interweave
  • 4 bight gaucho
  • 6 bight long pineapple button with herringbone interweave

To register please call (707)839-1871 or go to Gail’s website:

Building D, right next to Double H Products

Kayleen Johnson

Learn how to make your own 4, 8 or 12 strand braided paracord projects with Kayleen of Rebel Headdress. Personalized instruction and all materials provided to build your choice of:

  • A set of reins
  • A lead rope or
  • A dog leash

Beyond learning the basics of plaiting a round braid, students can learn how to start and finish projects with simple decorative knots! Cost is $75 each session. Morning sessions go from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM & afternoon sessions go 2pm-5pm. Classes are limited to only 3 people each day so early registration is highly recommended!

To register or for more information please email

Building D, right next to Bio-Vet & Hought Fine Art.