Imagine the familiar sports of 2-Man Ranch Sort, Team Penning or Sort and Rope.

Now imagine… instead of standard numbers on the cattle, you’re looking at specially designed giant playing cards on the cows. It is your team’s challenge to make your best possible five card poker hand by either sorting or penning five card-tagged cows in the fastest possible time. Your team is rewarded substantially for speed as well as the value of your “hand”.

We invite you to join us at the Western States Horse Expo 2017! For more information call 760-842-8113 or go to

Fri. 6:15pm, Freedom Arena. Free to all Horse Expo attendees! Click here!

The Poker Rodeo Association is committed to challenging riders of all skill levels, from first-timers to the best open riders in the land, to ride, think, communicate and manage time in the arena. A mastery of these skills is invaluable far beyond the confines of our sports. Whatever your skill level, challenge yourself. Excel. Grow as a rider, a thinker, a competitor, and an active participant in this thing called life.