Trail Symposium Presenters:

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Conservation and Proper Use of Trails
Active-Riding-Trips-3-2014The Trail Symposium offers every topic imaginable about trail riding, horse camping, and the preservation of our trails.

The majority of horse owners are trail riders — and trail riders today are continuously challenged with losing trails throughout the country. At Horse Expo Sacramento, politicians and trail enthusiasts gather to discuss how to keep our horse trails open and maintained, now and in the future, and how to work in harmony with state and federal officials who oversee many of these trails.

Politics aside, the Trail Symposium also features experts who teach how to properly tie a horse to an overhead line, how to safely tie to trees (in ways that protect the tree too), taking the mystery out of campfire cooking (including cooking everything from biscuits to cakes in a Dutch oven), and where the best horse camping spots are.

Want to learn about horse camping protocol? The Trail Symposium covers all aspects about horse camping, including trailering advice, portable corrals, feeding and watering in a camping situation, what the U.S. Forest Service requires regarding feed and hay, and wildlife information.