Isidro Espinoza

WSHE Presents Clinician Isidro Espinoza

Isidro grew up on a large cattle ranch and farm in beautiful Durango Mexico. He learned to train mules, horses and donkeys from the skilled horsemen in his family. These animals were a part if their livelihood and were held in high regard and respected as such. As a young man, Isidro got the opportunity to work at Winbak Farm in Chesapeake City, MD, the second largest breeding horse farm in North America. There he developed a reputation for working well with the most difficult stallions and mares on the farm. When he moved to California he started doing farrier work taking all the “difficult” horses the other farriers refused to touch. People started asking him to train their problem horses and start their colts under saddle and his reputation grew. In 2015, Isidro became an approved TIP Trainer with the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Then in 2017 he competed in his first Extreme Mustang Makeover placing top ten. Isidro has since competed in 9 makeovers with multiple top ten finishes. He has been invited to a special invitation only mustang freestyle competition called the Rising Stars that will be held in Fort Worth at the Stock Show and Rodeo, January 2022. Isidro has also been competing in Endurance racing since 2016 with multiple top ten finishes and best conditioned awards. Isidro’s primary focus in his full-time training business is colt starting and working with problem horses. Isidro wants to help people learn to develop meaningful trusting relationships with their horse. With a passion for getting mustangs out of holding and into permanent homes, he has been able to showcase the trainability and versatility of the American Mustang.

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