Jackie Fenaroli

WSHE Presents Speaker Jackie Fenaroli

“Saddle fitting problems are a common complaint, and can be solved using engineering principles,” says Jackie Fenaroli, a former Aerospace Engineer and now President of Stonewall Saddle Company in San Jacinto, Calif. “Saddle fitting doesn’t need to be so difficult. A lot of problems are caused by guessing about the horse, guessing about the saddle, and then hoping for a match.”

According to Fenaroli, this approach leaves many riders feeling guilty because they know their equine trail partner is uncomfortable. Yet they can’t find a good fitting saddle, or even know what good fit looks like. That is, until now.

“I will be demonstrating good and bad fits at Horse Expo University, teaching what telltale signs to look out for, and demonstrating solutions to many common fitting issues,” says Fenaroli. “This will include how to shim a saddle, and when to change saddles. Some riders attending the demo may want to try the Living Bar® Technology, my patent-pending push to bring saddlery into the modern era. This technology allows us to create a saddle that instantly morphs to match the horse.”


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