Madison Shambaugh

WSHE Presents Madison Shambaugh, “Mustang Maddy”

A lifelong equestrienne, Madison Shambaugh’s world was rocked when she encountered her first mustang in 2013. Captivated by their heart, mind and innate freedom, “Mustang Maddy” has made it her life’s mission to raise awareness for the plight of America’s wild horses and showcase the mustang as a talented breed that’s perfect for riders of all backgrounds.

As a clinician, Madison crisscrosses the country to educate horsemen and women about her “5 Golden Rules” that shape her interaction and training with horses of all kinds. Using Madison’s method, horse lovers can enjoy stronger relationships with their horses for recreation, barrel racing and liberty training. Wherever she goes, Madison’s message rings true: every horse has a potential for greatness; it is up to us to help them reveal it.


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