Naomi Langdon

WSHE Presents Clinician Naomi Langdon

Naomi Langdon is an equine trainer and horsemanship mentor. Currently residing in Arizona, she aims to achieve and inspire a more compassionate approach to horsemanship. In addition to training personal and client horses, Naomi, has successfully competed in multiple mustang challenges. Taking horses from wild to mild in just 100 days, she is a 4X mustang training challenge champion. She currently travels teaching clinics and demonstrations, in hopes to help others achieve success and find better relationships with their horses. Naomi also performs with her liberty team of previously wild horses.  Her goal is to spread the word about the American mustangs and demonstrate what incredible partners they can be.


Demo 1 – Begins with an introduction of Elliott the OTTB and the Retired Racehorse Project. Next, a demonstration of his current liberty work in preparation for his freestyle at RRP. Then, a “Liberty Work Foundations-Intro to Circles” clinic.

Demo 2 – Starts with a brief introduction and performance (to music) with mustang liberty team. Clinic will be “Advancing Liberty Work- Cue Refinement on the Circle”

Liberty Team
Malachi is a 5 year old Bay gelding from the Little Owyhee Herd Management Area in Nevada. Malachi is the horse that began Naomi’s horsemanship journey and has inspired her to share the knowledge she has gained along the way. Dakota is a 3 year old dun mare from the Warm Springs, Oregon, Herd Management Area. Dakota was Naomi’s partner and champion of the 2019 Washington Mustang Madness Training Challenge.

Elliott or “Unleash The Tiger” is a 2016 Of The Track Thoroughbred. He was adopted by Naomi from Echo Canyon Equine Foundation after retiring from racing at the end of 2020. Currently Naomi and Elliot are training in preparation to compete in the 2021 Thoroughbred Makeover, hosted by the Retired Racehorse Project. There intended disciplines are freestyle and dressage.

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