Paracord Braiding with Kayleen Johnson

WSHE Presents Paracord Braiding with Kayleen Johnson of Rebel Headdress

Learn how to make your own 12 plaited braid with Kayleen Johnson of Rebel Headdress handcrafted horse tack. Kayleen will be there all 4 days and invites you to to look for the Rebel Headdress booth where she will be teaching braiding classes.

A beautiful braid is so often the signature look of quality equestrian gear, it draws the eyes and asks to be touched. Paracord is a fabulous material that offers excellent durability and color. Her class will focus on the 12 plait herringbone braid, and students will build their own set of single loop reins to take home. All materials provided.

There will be one 3 hour course in the morning and one in the afternoon. Morning sessions are from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM, and afternoon sessions are from 2 PM – 5 PM. Each session is limited to 2 students.

Upon enrollment on this page or by email at [email protected] there will be a $100 fee. Feel free to enroll in more than one session.

☆ Should a student desire to learn “ombre” a.k.a. 6 colored braid they will need to enroll in the course twice. First to learn how to manage the technique, and again to learn how to follow that many colors. One or two color braid will be offered for first class students. ☆

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