Patrick Priest

PATRICK PRIEST of Terrebonne, OR

I can’t say growing up I ever was exposed to be anything other than a backyard horse or pack string. I remember feelings of shock and awe the moment I first realized what horsemanship was. My greatest horsemanship influences have been Western Horseman with cutting horse programs. Or as they like to joke “a horseman with a cutting horse problem”.

Most Trainers have to pay the bills somehow. It was easy for me to fall in love with cutting horses.

However I start colts of any discipline with ease. My true love will always be the western cow horse.

Collecting my knowledge from legendary Western Horseman and NCHA hall of fame cowboys how to build a turn on a cow from the groundwork in the first day.

I pride myself on the special craft and skill I have developed all these years. The energy of young horses has always captivated or maybe a better word is matched to mine. There has never been anything better for my cowboy soul than feeling these young horse’s minds grow. Feeling these young horses learn, and using them to develop competent real ranch skills that lead to success in the show pen.

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