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6 Trainers, 6 Horses, 3 Days

If you love horses, you will enjoy watching trainers from around the country gentle, start and ride unbroke horses during the 2019 Colt Starting Challenge USA National Finals. Come see the action, sit right there beside the round pens and be amazed at how these trainers can tame and ride an unbroke horse using Natural Horsemanship techniques. This event is not only to entertain but also to educate you about how a horse thinks, operates and responds to a the trainer’s cues using body language. Watch and listen as each trainer takes a turn explaining what they are doing and why, as they all work their horses at the same time. You will see the unique personalities of not only the horses, but also of the trainers and their original concepts to starting colts.

On Friday at 6pm in the Freedom Arena, selected Trainers will have two one-hour sessions to work with their horse in their round pen with a 10 minute break in between. All the trainers are working their horses at the same time, taking turns to explain to the audience what they are doing and why. Generally, half the trainers are on their horses and riding them the first day.

On Saturday, Trainers have two 45-minute sessions to work with their horse, with a 10 minute break in between. On the second session they have the choice to leave the round pen to prepare their horse for the obstacle course.

​Sunday the round pens are removed from the arena and each Trainer has 10 minutes to ride their horse thru an obstacle course. In the obstacle course, they will walk, trot, and canter around the arena in both directions. Obstacles include riding over a tarp, weave thru vertical poles, walk thru zig zag poles, rope a barrel and drag a pole. Judges decide the Winner and a Buckle is awarded.

Colt Starting Challenge USA was founded by expert trainer Russell Beatty. His wife Cristy Beatty is the announcer for each event. They currently tour the Country and produce 25 Colt Starting Challenge USA events each year. For more information, visit their web site at or check them out on Facebook for videos of past events.

Horse Expo Inc. is excited to partner with Colt Starting Challenge USA to bring this exciting event to our attendees at the Western States Horse Expo this fall. The event will be happening Friday evening from 6-9pm, Saturday evening from 6-8pm and Sunday from 12pm-2pm and is included with your General Admission to the event. Hope to see everyone there!

Colt Starting Challenge USA National Finals Trainers

Trainer list coming soon! Check back often for updates.




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