Ron McLoughlin

WSHE Presents Clinician Ron McLoughlin

Ron McLoughlin is a widely-respected international clinician who has conducted over 936 clinics and worked with thousands of students in the United States and Europe.

He teaches a humane and versatile lateral system of training, the Foreman-McLoughlin System, focusing on the horse’s footwork using the maneuvers of the Basic Handle. This is all accomplished within a classical approach to riding instruction and horse training.

Ron has been passionate about horses, and about working with people who handle horses, for over 50 years. He has imparted the skills necessary to becoming a rider to each and every student, and is enjoyed by many for his insightful instruction and witty teaching style. In addition to teaching 15-20 three-day riding clinics annually for riders of all skill levels and disciplines, he conducts regional workshops, intensive short courses, and educational demonstrations and seminars. He has also worked with many organizations such as the U.S. Border Patrol Mounted Division, regional mounted search-and-rescue teams, and schools with equestrian programs. He has produced a series of 17 educational equine DVDs and 9 audio work-out CDs for horse and rider, and currently writes instructional articles for equine publications.

His journey to becoming a skilled horseman and clinician started in the dressage arena in Germany as a teen, but as a young adult working on cattle ranches in Texas he realized that the stock seat style of riding would be his primary focus. He spent time in a leadership role in the military, studied education in college, and 1970, hung out his shingle as a professional horse trainer and instructor. He then met the respected horse-scientist and renowned instructor/clinician Monte Foreman; studied all aspects of training and riding instruction with Foreman for 12 intense years, and achieved the coveted title of Foreman Certified Instructor. Ron is recognized as one of the few and foremost experts on the Foreman System today. He was interviewed by Rick Lamb of the RFD-TV Horse Show, for the RFD August 2008 special on Monte Foreman.

Along with his 3 day riding clinics, Ron began teaching long-term school students interested in becoming equine trainers and instructors in 1975. In 2003, his riding school became a 501 ( C ) (3) non-profit, to help students accomplish their dreams by soliciting help with the long 7-10 year process that it takes to become a top level instructor and trainer. The teachings and theories that originated with Monte Foreman are being carried on today by Ron McLoughlin, and the humane research continues.

The school also provides challenging and fun short courses to amateur riders who want to improve their riding skills.


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