One of the Most Tried and True Branding Efforts.

One of the most tried and true branding efforts utilized by businesses of all sizes is Sponsorship. Sponsorship has become an increasingly popular form of marketing in recent years. No longer reserved for large corporations with big marketing budgets, small and medium-size businesses are increasingly involved in sponsoring community events that enable them to increase visibility and promote brand awareness. It truly does get you some of the biggest “bang for your buck.” Sponsorship is like being a GIGANTIC Exhibitor by way of brand awareness and impressions made! There is a variety of customizable sponsorship programs available. Just contact us at (530) 672-7490 or email us at [email protected] for details.

Here are just a few reasons to take advantage of the Western States Horse Expo Sponsorship programs that help set you up as the leader of the herd:

  • Exposure to your target market
  • Lead generation from engaged Attendees
  • Shows commitment to the horses and the events the community loves
  • Puts your business in the spotlight in the minds of Attendees
  • Brand recognition, BIG TIME
  • Inexpensive way to market your business.
  • Engage and interact with your target market and form relationships

We are available to help you craft a Sponsorship Program that will fit your vision and help you achieve your goals. Just contact our office for more details.

Horse Expo Sponsors