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Here is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest discoveries and trends in the areas of equine health, fitness, nutrition, dental maintenance, routine care, training and behavior. Horse Expo University, presented by the Western States Horse Expo, brings together leading Veterinarians, Innovators, Industry Leaders and Health Care Experts who will share the latest innovations and practices in their area of expertise. These amazing professionals will help you to improve your health care and training programs to new levels of effectiveness. Come to the Horse Expo University sessions armed with your notebook, your questions and be ready to share in an incredible experience.

2019 Speaker List

This incredible line-up will continue to grow so please, check back often!


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Equine Nutrition


Past Speakers

Dr. Nancy Loving

Dr. Nancy Loving’s intense interest in horses began at an early age and continues to figure prominently in both her professional and personal life. She discovered the unique challenges of distance riding in 1983 and has also competed in dressage and eventing. Dr. Loving graduated from Colorado State University’s veterinary school in 1985 and has practiced exclusively equine medicine and surgery. Owner of Loving Equine Clinic in Boulder, Colorado, Dr. Loving works to actively include her clients in an educated decision-making process regarding their horses’ health.

Dr. Loving has served as a FEI (International Equestrian Federation) sanctioned veterinarian both as veterinary judge and treatment veterinarian at international endurance competitions as well as serving as Team Veterinarian for the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) National Endurance Squad. She was also actively involved in judging NATRC competitions for many years. She has brought to these pursuits her knowledge gleaned from many miles and years spent in the saddle training and competing her own horses in addition to decades working in a veterinary capacity at top-tier endurance events. She regularly writes for The Horse and Horse Illustrated magazines.

Bryan Owen

Bryan Owen is the developer and co-Founder of Photonic Health, LLC. A light therapy company dedicated to making health and healing easy for horse owners. Bryan specializes in energy work to balance the body through several channels including acupoint meridians, muscle & fascia connection and emotional release. In addition to bodywork, Bryan is an applied Equine Podiatrist and incorporates proper foot balance for optimal health. He specializes in horses that have chronic, ongoing lameness and body issues that have not been resolved using other methods.

Kat Chrysostom

Kat Chrysostom is a native of South Carolina with a lifelong passion for horses. Through powerful keynotes and her book, Broken to Branded, she shares the lessons she learned through her journey from paralysis due to a severe riding accident to restored health to establishing and building a highly successful company. Kat relays how her path led her around the world in search of products that would help not only heal herself but her beloved horses, and how she “stumbled” upon the fabrics that inspired the research and development of her company, Benefab® by Sore No-More®. From education to inspiration, Kat shows her audiences how she made the transition from tragedy to triumph in life and in business in an ever-changing world. She now inspires individuals nationwide to do the same. Kat lives in Ocala, Florida, and still enjoys riding in her spare time. Learn more about Kat at and see her products at

Zach Rhodes

My name is Zach Rhodes, I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. Horses and rodeo have been a passion of mine for nearly all my life. I have competed at all levels from Jr Rodeo to college all the way up to Professional Rodeo. I never truly knew the importance of getting routine dental maintenance done for my horses whether I competed on them or they were retired and living pasture life, until I went to equine dental school. Since then I have devoted much of my life to educating the public and helping horses all over the west coast. I started my equine dental career in 2011. I completed school and my certification at Texas Institute of Equine Dentistry in 2012, taught by renown Master Certified Equine Dentist, Randy Riedinger. Randy works for some of the top horsemen and women in the world like Bob Avila, Charmayne James, and Chris Cox. In 2017 I completed my certification through the International Association of Equine Dentistry. I currently sit on the Board of Directors of the IAED as well as the government relations committee. Collectively I have over 350 hours of education. I have floated over 1500 horses and still work with Randy occasionally and attend IAED workshops and conventions to further my knowledge and career in Equine Dentistry.

Dr. Bray

Dr. Bray is a professor, scientist and lifelong horseman. His passion for equine nutrition led him to develop the Integrity line of horse feeds in 2004. He received his Ph.D. in animal nutrition from the University of Maryland and conducted his Ph.D. research at US Department of Agriculture. Dr. Bray began working with horses in his early teens. In addition to his professorial and consulting work, he has managed horse farms, bred, raised and shown horses, tracked and conducted research with wild horses, and packed with horses in the High Sierras. Dr. Bray is well published in the sciences for horses and zoo animals, frequently an invited speaker, and has written three manuals on equine care and nutritional management. He has served on several animal industry boards including research advisor to the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board. Dr. Bray’s numerous articles and Q&A on equine care can be found in Dr. Bray’s Corner at

Dr. Richard Godbee

Dr. Richard Godbee is Director of Technical Services for Farnam Companies, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture and Master of Science in ruminant nutrition from the University of Georgia.  In 1978 he completed his doctoral degree in animal nutrition and nutritional biochemistry with an emphasis in equine from Colorado State University.  During his professional career, Dr. Godbee has served as a faculty or adjunct faculty member and has been a member of the graduate committees for master and doctoral candidates for several universities.  He has numerous publications in both peer-reviewed journals and popular press on multiple species and has been invited to present in a variety of venues.  His research interest has most recently included the effect of nutrition on immunity and inflammation.  He is Board Certified in Animal Nutrition by the American College of Animal Science and has achieved Professional Animal Scientist status in the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists with a specialty in horses.  Dr. Godbee is not only a nutrition specialist, but also an avid horseman and competitor in the cutting horse arena.

Dr. Miller

After graduation from Colorado State University, Dr. Miller settled in Thousand Oaks, California, where he founded the Conejo Valley Veterinary Clinic.  Thirty-one years later, he retired as a renowned veterinarian and expert in ethology (the study of animal behavior). Dr. Miller has visited every continent giving lectures to colleges, conventions for animal groups, horse organizations, breed associations and other clients. He has received numerous professional awards for his involvement with equine associations, production of videos, and lecturing.  He has authored several books, and his acute sense of humor and love of cartoons have provided seven veterinary cartoon books. Dr. Miller has been on the editorial staff of  Veterinary MedicineModern Veterinary Practice, Veterinary Forum, and Western Horseman . He is internationally known for his lectures and seminars.

Dr. Miller retired from his veterinary practice in 1987 to devote his full time to the teaching of equine behavior and to support the revolution in horsemanship that began in the Western United States in the late 20th Century and is now a worldwide phenomenon.  He is best known for his scientifically based system of training newborn foals. Called imprint training, if done correctly, it is the fastest, and most profound method of permanently shaping a horse’s responses and attitude. Imprint training is now in use all over the world.

Dr. Katie Flynn

Dr. Katie Flynn was raised on a Standardbred racehorse farm in South Grafton, Massachusetts. She received her undergraduate degree in Animal Science from University of Massachusetts. In 2001, she received her veterinary degree from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. In 2002, Dr. Flynn joined the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Animal Health Branch (AHB) where she has held several positions including a field veterinarian position, livestock health program veterinarian and more recently equine staff veterinarian.  In her current position, Dr. Flynn provides oversight to all equine regulatory disease programs and acts as the manager of the Equine Medication Monitoring Program (EMMP). Dr. Flynn’s area of interest is biosecurity, specifically equine event biosecurity.  Dr. Flynn has developed biosecurity educational materials for event organizers, specifically the Biosecurity Toolkit for Equine Events which has been distributed to all 50 states and 12 countries. As an equine event biosecurity expert, Dr. Flynn participated in the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on Biosecurity in Paris, France in July 2015 and spoke at the Federation Equestrian International’s (FEI) National Veterinary Delegate Conference in Athens Greece in May 2016. Dr. Flynn is a member of the American Horse Council, the American Quarter Horse Association and the United States Equestrian Federation. Currently, Dr. Flynn is the Vice Chair of the Infectious Diseases of Horses Committee of the United States Animal Health Association and serves on the Leadership Development Committee, Infectious Disease Committee and Welfare and Public Policy Council for the American Association of the Equine Practitioners.

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