Carole Herder

WSHE Presents Speaker Carole Herder

President – Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc.,
Bestselling Author and Inventor

Carole Herder designed and developed the range of Cavallo Horse Boots to meet the needs of the worldwide hoof boot market, helping horses receive the protection required for the hoof. Carole started Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc. in 1993. Ms. Herder designed and developed the Total Comfort System Saddle Pads to address the other ‘hot spot’ for horses ridden under saddle.

Ms. Herder’s latest book, “Hoofprints on The Journey,” is a must-read for anyone who cares for horses. Her book “There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven” is an acclaimed #1 International Bestseller and is enjoyed by horse owners as well as anyone looking for self-improvement. She co-authored the book The Cavallo Barefoot Manual and has several published articles. Carole is a commendable worldwide educator and passionate presenter.

Carole presents the chronicle of her own horses’ experience and shares a wealth of knowledge accumulated over worldwide association with industry experts coupled with comprehensive personal knowledge of the natural horse world. She presents her studies of hoof care, the barefoot movement, and hoof boot development, highlighting various real-life stories of riders and horses affected by this revolution over the past dynamic decade.

Carole answers the pertinent questions regarding hoof transition, hoof care, and the application of hoof boots and addresses the questions that need asking. She shows how to help horses of your own, and those of friends and community around you.

Ms. Herder won the Royal Bank of Canada Western Trail Blazer Woman Entrepreneur of The Year Award. She is a proud member of WPO – Women’s President’s Organization, championing women entrepreneurs throughout the world. Her competencies include holistic wellness, nutrition, and Yoga practice as a Chopra University Certified Instructor. She lives on her Canadian ranch with her horses, dogs, and husband, Cavallo CEO Greg Giles.


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