Enhance Your Horse Expo Experience with the Best Events and Activities!

The Western States Horse Expo is proud to once again bring you the very best in events and activities that enhance your “Horse Expo Experience.” From the best Clinicians and Trainers in the nation presenting their unique approaches and disciplines, to the rare equine breeds which can be experienced in the Breed Revelation, to the many events and activities available with your admission, is unparalleled in the industry today! Special “fan-favorite” events like the Magnificent 7 All-Around Stock Horse Championship will be back in 2019. New events like the Equus Masters – Legacy colt starting competition and the Quinate Immersion Clinic Series have been added to the schedule as well. You will not want to miss any of these experiences!

Equus Masters

This unique event will bring together four unstarted colts and four trainers who will gentle, saddle and then demonstrate their riding skills. To be judged by special celebrity guest judges. Not to be missed! …

Horse Expo Clinics

The Western States Horse Expo is proud to continue bringing the very best Clinicians and Trainers in the nation, sharing knowledge on the many different aspects of the equine industry and its diverse disciplines …

Horse Expo University

Horse Expo University is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest discoveries and trends in equine health, fitness, nutrition, dental maintenance, routine care, training and behavior from industry experts …


Horseinterest is a unique opportunity to participate in a series of hands-on workshops taught by master craftsmen and craftswomen who will lead and instruct registered Participants in their unique craft …

Rare Breeds Show

New for 2019, the Rare Breeds Horse Show will help raise awareness & interest for qualifying breeds on the Equus Survival Trust’s Equine Conservation List. Many of these breeds teeter on the edge of extinction …

Breeds Pavilion

The Western States Horse Expo offers a Breed Pavilion for those breeders & associations who are passionate about their horses & love to show them off! Learn about your favorite breed or fall in love with a new one …

Combined Driving Event

Don’t miss three thrilling days of this exciting driving competition! The three phases – dressage, cross-country marathon, and cones – test the overall condition and ultimate versatility of the horse in sport  …

Special Events

Keep up with special events held by exhibitors and sponsors. Don’t miss the silent auctions, wine and beer tasting, musical performances, festivals and other activities that characterize the equestrian lifestyle  …

Rigs & Digs

For twenty years the best place in North America to shop and compare the great lineup of horse trailers has been Rigs & Digs at the Western States Horse Expo. You will be able to compare all the top brands, makes, and models …


You can design your ideal expo experience, thanks to our interactive schedule and exhibitor tools. Make the most of both your footsteps and time at the expo – there’s a lot to see and you won’t want to miss any of it! …

Rave Reviews

Jeanette L.

...I have been to the Expo and purchased many nice things from the merchants, and the shows are awesome to watch. Thank you!

Jennifer B.

This one of my favorite places to go. It's like going to Disneyland LOL!

Terry L.

Horse Expo is what I look forward to each year. I schedule my life and finances around it. Love every aspect.

Kathy W.

I go every year and have a blast each time and learn something new with each clinician. It's the greatest place to be and I'm in heaven the whole time I'm there. Love, love, love all the shopping.

Heather W.

We wouldn't miss the Horse Expo unless we were sick!

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