Join Us in Creating the Future and Setting the New Gold Standard in the Horse Industry.

Creating the future. Creating profitability, sustainability and longevity within the framework of the industry and the business model is a goal. Creating something that will enrich, enhance and improve the quality of the experiences cherished by our valued customers, clients and attendees is also a goal. Here at the Western States Horse Expo, we say the time is NOW to create the future and to set the new “gold standard” in the industry. How? By sticking to our core values of Education, Innovation, Inspiration and Enrichment. If we want to create the future that is bright, we need to be true to our origins while looking ahead and act! 2019 is the year of “Action” and “Creation” here at the Western States Horse Expo, and we could not be more excited!

We are enriching the “Horse Expo Experience” by hosting the event on May 9-12, 2019 at the Murieta Equestrian Center in Rancho Murieta, CA. We are embracing innovation through the creation of new events, new experiences and new value programs, such as:

  • Equus Masters- Legacy where four nationally known Clinicians train four untouched horses in three days.
  • Quinate Immersion Clinics where five nationally known Clinicians, teach their training approaches and disciplines to Participants and Auditor for five full days, in and out of the arena.
  • Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race is also back in 2019 bringing the speed and challenges that thrill fans nationwide to the “Horse Expo Experience.”
  • NEW The Equine Festival, which highlights the rural lifestyle bringing together top regional food trucks, a wine & beer garden and evening concert series.

We have also created the 2019 Exhibitor Programs based on the feedback from YOU, our valued Exhibitors, which will bring YOU all the services and savings they requested.

In short, we are taking the two decades worth of experience we have as a company, and actively combining it with new ideas, new energy and new purpose, to create an event series that is going to set the industry back on its heels while setting a fire in the hearts of Attendees everywhere. You will definitely want to be an active participant in the creation of this new and exciting future!

Please invest a few moments and review this packet. In it you will find valuable information on the new venue, the new events and the new programs we have created. We know you will want to partner with the Western States Horse Expo and reap the rewards from the opportunities that, together, we will create.


Miki Nelsen
CEO/ FOUNDER of the Western States Horse Expo

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