Ariel Revell


WSHE Presents Ariel Revell

Ariel Revell grew up in Sonora, California, where she learned to ride a horse before she learned to walk. A third-generation horsewoman, she was blessed to grow up observing the beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains from the back of great horses. She has competed in numerous western speed events and carried three rodeo queen titles throughout the state of California.

Throughout her life, Ariel has witnessed the impact of nutrition on horses of all kinds – ranging from the rehabilitation of malnourished horses, to maximizing the potential of elite equine athletes. Driven by her passion for the topic, Ariel earned her master’s degree in animal science from California State University, Fresno, focusing on nutrition and gut health. She has worked in various segments of the agricultural industry, including university instruction, production management, research, and feed formulation. As a member of the Alltech team, she looks forward to speaking more on equine gut health at the 2024 Western States Horse Expo.