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Ben Longwell

WSHE Presents Ben Longwell

Ben grew up riding horses and working cattle in Colorado, USA, and has over 20 years of equine training experience.

After finishing school, he spent time learning from the skills and experience of local ranchers and an apprenticeship with a Quarter Horse breeder where he learned the basics of colt starting and true horsemanship.

Ben has ridden and studied with some of the greatest horsemen in the West and combined this with the mentality that every horse has something to teach us if we are listening, so his knowledge and experience continued to expand into a full-time equine training career and a passion for the Vaquero Bridlehorse Tradition.

Along with his wife, Natalie, he moved to her native country of New Zealand and spent 11 years as a full time Horseman and Clinician, working with 1000’s of horses from many different breeds. His unique perspective, coming from a working ranch/cowboy background, brings practicality to every aspect of producing well rounded horses no matter the equine discipline. Ben had the privilege to be a returning Clinician teaching at NZ’s national horse expo, giving well-received demos, ranging from Colt Starting and Vaquero Horsemanship to Problem Solving and Green Horse Clinics.

In 2022, the opportunity arose for Ben & Natalie and their 4 kids to move back to the US. Their mission and passion continues to be to help people and their horses better understand one another and achieve together that which they cannot do individually. Extraordinary Ranch-Based Clinics and a unique Online Video Library are two ways they focus on this mission.

Participants of Ben’s clinics around the world love his knowledgeable, encouraging and quiet approach to teaching them. Where leaving egos behind and focusing on the horse results in true progress and a great learning environment.

Photos: Eleszabeth McNeely