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Chelsea Canedy

WSHE Presents Chelsea Canedy

Chelsea Canedy is an upper-level event rider specializing in connecting equine athletes and their partners through her extensive knowledge of horse and rider behavior. Through integrative practices, Chelsea works with riders to understand their horse, overcome their fears and reconnect with their goals. Chelsea’s philosophy, “reward the try and celebrate even 1% better”, compliments her eye for identifying a horse’s true potential and skill in teaching her students the importance of empathy, understanding and patience (no matter how difficult the ride may be).

Chelsea brings a unique approach to training the equine and human athlete through a foundational understanding of horse and rider psychology and performance.

For the Horse:

As an upper-level event rider with a vast knowledge of horse behavior and natural horsemanship, Chelsea is able to identify and develop the potential in a horse with empathy, patience, and understanding. Her philosophy with every ride is “reward the try and celebrate even 1% better”.

For the Rider:

Meditation and mental performance have been pillars of Chelsea’s career with horses and previously, as a social worker. This allows her to connect with riders who struggle with nerves, fear, staying present, or those who are just looking to reconnect with their goals.

Chelsea is currently based at Unexpected Farm in Wales, Maine, where she is helping connect riders in Area 1 to the bustling world of upper-level eventing through her network of fellow professional riders and clinic opportunities.  She winters in Ocala, Florida.

Here’s some other info to pass along to folks about what I have been up to lately and what I have coming up:

In the past year, Chelsea has appeared in a number of publications, podcasts, and has been filmed for a number of instructional courses.

Her first Equestrian Masterclass with Noelle Floyd launched in early 2022 and several more were launched throughout last year. Chelsea is getting a lot of publicity as one of the few competitive riders who combines traditional training with natural horsemanship principles, groundwork, and R+ training, and has a reputation as someone who understands how horses think and learn. She has done several podcast interviews over the past year, writes regular blog posts, and has a large social media following.  This year, she will be a featured presenter at the International Liberty Horse Association Festival in Lexington, KY and as a clinician at Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA.