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Erika Jansson

WSHE Presents Erika Jansson

Drawing upon over three decades of outstanding education and professional achievements across her native Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, and California, Erika Jansson brings her students a wealth of practical knowledge. Erika’s innate teaching ability complements her hands-on experience, creating an enriching learning journey. All skill levels are embraced, whether you’re a novice or a Grand Prix rider. The sole prerequisite is a positive mindset and a striving to improve every ride.

Three days of fun with Cavaletti: All Breeds. All Disciplines. All Levels.

Day 1. STRAIGHT LINE. Achieve Straightness and Balance: Striving for excellence begins with cultivating straightness and balance in your horse's movements. This fundamental principle hinges on equal use of the left and right sides. You help your horse develop a harmonious gait by guiding your horse through exercises emphasizing symmetry.

Day 2. HALF CIRCLE. Unveil Strengths and Weaknesses:  Building on the previous day, the half-circle trot and canter in both directions expose the horse's strengths and weaknesses, offering insights into their physical condition and training needs. This knowledge helps you to tailor training, diligently addressing areas that require refinement. This holistic understanding becomes the compass guiding your training journey.

Day 3. The Elegance of the S Curve: Mastery of the S curve engages your horse's ribcage while shifting between left and right directions. This dynamic exercise encourages the gradual progression of skill, where your horse learns to step up their performance through subtle shifts in weight distribution. The S curve exemplifies the art of equestrian finesse, reflecting the harmonious partnership between rider and horse.

BONUS MATERIAL: Elevating Your Passage: The grace of passage is an artistry achieved through the synergy of horse and rider. By guiding your horse to navigate the poles with precision and flair, you cultivate the essence of passage—a display of controlled, elevated movement that epitomizes elegance and discipline. The poles are your ally in teaching, contributing to the magnificence of your horse's performance.

Each training technique holds a purpose, a hidden gem that unlocks your horse's full potential. As you work with cavaletti in straight lines, half circles, and S curves, you foster a partnership between horse and rider that transcends athleticism - it embodies grace, beauty, and a sense of shared accomplishment.

Cavaletti is FUN! Bring Erika to Your Barn.