Jochen Schleese

WSHE Presents Jochen Schleese

Jochen Schleese is a Certified Master Saddler, Saddle Ergonomist, former German Event Rider who graduated from Passier and came to Canada as Official Saddler at the 1986 World Dressage Championships. He founded Schleese Saddlery Service and registered the trade of saddlery in North America in 1990. Celebrating  almost 40 years in Business, Schleese is recognized as the Female Saddle Specialist. Jochen’s lifelong study of equine development, the biomechanics of horse and rider and the effects of ill-fitting saddles, led him to establish Saddlefit 4 Life in 2006, the global network of equine professionals dedicated to protecting horse and rider from long term damage. Author of ‘Suffering in Silence – The Saddle Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses’, Jochen holds certification courses for equine professionals throughout Europe and North America.