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Special Events

Mounted Archery Clinic

Learn about the fastest growing equestrian sport in the world!

Horse archery is believed to have originated on the battlefield with the Scythians or Assyrians on chariots around the 4th or 5th century BC until they decided it was easier to maneuver a horse around the battlefield than a chariot. Archery from horseback has since been used all over the world in war, probably most successfully by the Mongolians who lived on their horses and rode into battle in the tens of thousands, while conquering lands as far west as Hungary. In the mid-1980s, horse archery was started as a sport using a straight track to shoot targets on one side. Left-handed archers ride in the opposite direction, shooting the same targets. Horse archery has since become popular around the world with many different styles of competition tracks. Competition tracks are usually competed on at the canter, but some competitions have walk/trot categories. There are also monthly “postal” competitions, whereby competitors submit scores online for the postal of the month and the results are posted online as well. This has been a great way for clubs to keep up their competitive skills during the pandemic.

The Western States Horse Expo is excited to partner with Adam Sewell this year to host an Introduction to Mounted Archery clinic happening all three days of the Western States Horse Expo. Attendees will be able to audit this clinic each day at no additional charge and learn how fun and easy it is to get started in this amazing sport! If you would like to participate as a clinic rider, simply complete the application below! You do not need to have prior experience and all archery equipment is provided. Riders will first learn how to properly shoot a bow from the grounds, followed by a step-by-step guide on how best to introduce your horse to Mounted Archery, riding exercises to improve your skills, and ending with a fun competition.

Tentative Schedule

(exact times & Arena locations TBD)

Day 1

Session #1

Unmounted Archery Lesson

Session #2

The Proper Way to Familiarizing Your Horse with Archery Equipment and Shooting

Session #3

Mounted Archery Lesson at the Walk

Day 2

Session #4

Unmounted Archery Lesson Review and Honing Skills

Session #5

Riding and Shooting Different Targets and the Various Riding Positions

Session #6

Mounted Archery Lesson at the Trot and Canter

Day 3

Mini Competition and Skills Challenge!