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WHEN: May 11, 2019, starting at 3PM
WHERE: Western States Horse Expo
WHAT: This is a super fun event that includes a BBQ dinner, Live and Silent Auctions, Music and Dancing! Boots & Bling funds a large portion of AAE’s annual budget ensuring we continue saving and serving horses and humans throughout the year.
PRICE: $35/ticket; $45 after March 31, 2019

[button size=” style=” text=’MORE INFORMATION AND PURCHASE TICKETS’ icon=” icon_color=” link=’https://www.allaboutequine.org/boots-and-bling.html’ target=’_blank’ color=” hover_color=” border_color=” hover_border_color=” background_color=” hover_background_color=” font_style=” font_weight=” text_align=” margin=’0 0 20px 0′]