From Arabians to Kerry Bog Ponies…


From Arabians to Kerry Bog Ponies…

The 2019 Western States Horse Expo was host to hundreds of unique, fun and even endangered breeds of equines in all sizes. Horse Expo has provided many associations, breeders and passionate horse owners the opportunity to put their best foot forward and showcase why they love their breed to thousands of attendees from all over the world. With the move out to the Murieta Equestrian Center, the Horse Expo was able to expand these opportunities and was host to a full fledge, multi-day SANA West Rare Breed Horse Show alongside the very popular Breed Pavilion & daily Breed Parade demonstrations. Breeds in attendance included: Arabians, Morgans, Andalusians, Luisatanso, Gypsy Vanners & Cobs, Haflingers, BLM Mustangs, American Cream Draft, Fell Pony, Gotland Russ Pony, Akhal-Teke, Canadian Horse, Kerry Bog Pony, Hackney Horse, Dales Pony, Highland Pony, Irish Draught

A large part of SANA (Stewardship Awards of North America) and the Akhal-Teke Association of America is education.  SANA West was not your typical horse show; it is for endangered equine breeds, it is about education and historical breed qualities, not fancy clothes or trainers.  The show offered several clinics which gave participants an opportunity to try some new skills before competing in an actual class.  SANA West clinics included: Jumping, Dressage, English and Western, Obstacles, both In-Hand and Ridden, and an In-Hand Presentation clinic. Clinics were well attended and everyone had a great time tuning up their skills with positive responses from Horse Expo attendees, who found the clinics very valuable as well. During the breed show, SANA West offered qualifying breeds many classes each day including: Jumpers, Hunters, Dressage, Western Dressage, In-Hand classes and breed specific ridden classes. Results for each class can be found on the Akhal-Teke Association of America website here: Corrals were set up outside the Rare Breeds Barn for the duration of the weekend for a rotating docket of breeds meeting and greeting the public. Owners got to talk to people, horses got to smooze, and it was a big success. Arena 10 also had demos running daily with all the different breeds and horses, everyone got a chance to participate!

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Photos courtesy of Kathy Higgens, Fuentes, Hill Shepard, Charles Hilton, Kala Johnson, Jessi Hogan, Tyson Rininger, Traci Nelson, and Lisa Reese.

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