David Lichman

WSHE Presents Clinician David Lichman

David Lichman is a 5-Star Master Parelli Professional with a specialty in Liberty Horses.  He has performed across the continent with his three-horse act, which includes bridle-less riding and riding to music.  He is the creator of Liberty Outside the Round Pen, a Parelli Mastery Series release, available for streaming and on DVD, in which David gives step-by-step instructions on building a connection that resists distractions, enabling students to play at Liberty with exuberance in large open areas.

David lives in California with his wife, two children, ten horses, four dogs, four cats and dozens of chickens, pigeons and canaries.  Visit his web site at: DavidLichman.com for information on educational materials, courses and long-distance video coaching.  David is a strong supporter of Equine Assisted Therapy for all humans, but especially for veterans returning from service.

David also has a specialty in Gaited Horses.  Following a World Grand Championship win in the Pleasure Tennessee Walking Horse division, David has spent the last 25 years working with horses from every gaited breed.  He has a series of best-selling educational products, Gaited Horses, Naturally!, that shows how to have great success with a more natural approach.

David teaches all over the world, helping students find a better relationship with their horses on the ground and riding.


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