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Come join Rios Cosumnes Correctional Center (R3C) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in celebrating the R3C Wild Horse Program’s 100th horse adopted! Featured in the 2019 WSHE Adoption are 4 saddle trained horses alongside 4 horses that participated in our Equus Masters- Legacy competition and trained by top names in the industry: Brandi Lyons, Wylene Wilson, Mustang Maddy and Mustang Matt. Starting bid on each horse is $300. More information on each horse can be found below and to learn more about our Equus Masters competition check out the event page here.

Interested in adopting one of the R3C horses on Sunday? Please make sure you have read the adoption requirements and have a completed application submitted with BLM. You can apply electronically now or any day of the Western States Horse Expo at the BLM/R3C booth located in the Mane Market Mall Pavilion. Please be ready to take your horse home Sunday at 5pm with a truck and stock trailer on site!

About the R3C Adoption Program:

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department along with the BLM Wild Horse Program created this program in 2014. The goal is to help both Wild Horses and inmates. Joe Misner was hired to help reach this goal. As of today the program has adopted out more than 80 wild horses. Mustangs receive care and training from the R3C Wild Horse Program inmates and are then available for adoption to the public. This helps more than 40,000 Wild Horses in holding facilities find good homes. The inmates learn valuable social and vocational skills while gentling the Mustangs for adoption. This program has been shown to lower recidivism rates of inmates and successfully adopt trained Mustangs to the public.

For more information visit: https://friendsofr3c.com/[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]